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The 9mm 1911

Fad, Trend Or Here To Stay? By Ted Yost It’s been easy for me to look at some trends in

Polishing And Prep

By Ted Yost Recently, we listed sources for refinishing your firearms projects. Bluing, plating, and other finish providers were listed,

A Safety Solution

By Ted Yost Some of the best ideas for discussion come from you guys. Recently, we received a good question

Parts Is Parts

But Where Do You Get Them? By Ted Yost I’m nearly as interested in the history of my trade as

New Must-Haves

For The Pistolsmith By Ted Yost Nearly every innovation in gunsmithing tools appears to be just another variation on an

Finishing The Job

By Ted Yost The pioneer spirit is strong among the gun hobbyist, and I support it completely. I’ve seen many

Caveat Emptor

By Ted Yost With a seemingly ample supply of used guns available (many sold to fund new gun purchases), used