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Social media is a big deal these days, with the amount of data and exchangeable information more than one could


A Dangerous Liaison? Terminology can throw you a curve when it comes to revolvers. If I saw John Wayne cock

Car Guns

Home defense is pretty solid if you go to court — and you should be allowed to be safe in


I note with mild interest the intrigue with all-things zombie now running on the verge of rampant. Even the Department

Shoot And Share

Doing Drills After 40 years of teaching, with over 30 spent running a school, the most common questions I get

Click And Booms

I’m intrigued with the general aspect of safe gun handling; and since I do it every day, it’s important to

The Magic Wheel

Editor’s Note: Due to a demand from readers, we’re reprinting Clint’s column from May/June 2006. Seems you guys can’t get