Most handgun owners are content owning a handgun or two and really aren’t interested in building up a collection. I know our regular readers are much more knowledgeable and enthusiastic than most handgun owners, but even they have lots of interests other than shooting — and allocate time and money for those interests.

An excellent alternative is to get active in a local gun club. In many places the only place to shoot safely is at a formal range, often carrying a requirement of being a member. Don’t expect other members to offer pistols for you to try out right away — and keep in mind, it’s often considered bad manners to ask. Once you get to be a regular, you’ll find other members happy to share knowledge and equipment.

Maybe you want to learn more about revolvers. No need to go in to see if this is the club for you, just check the parking lot. If you see working pickups, a rusty tool chest bolted in back, a manual transmission with a real compound-low truck gearing, brush scratches and a cracked windshield, odds are you’ve found revolver people.

In this semi-auto era a primer on revolvers might keep you from looking like a complete newbie. Let’s assume you’re a competent handgunner well versed in safe firearm use. Here’s a few points to ponder about wheelguns — never forgetting there’re exceptions to about everything.