Another Magazine Ban!

This time at your local newsstand

American Handgunner, GUNS Magazine and other gun titles have been pulled off newsstands across the country by anti-gun retail chain store management.

In apparent response to tragic events involving unlawful use of firearms, Kroger and other retailers have decided to censor the First Amendment rights of their customers by not selling popular gun-focused magazine titles.

“The gun industry is once again under attack by left-leaning corporations who refuse to support real solutions to reducing violence. Millions of law-abiding gun owners know change will begin with education, enforcing current laws and full engagement of mental health challenges,” said FMG Publications president Randy Molde.

Gun enthusiasts are encouraged to speak with their wallets by avoiding anti-gun retailers. Shop at stores that continue to support free speech and gun rights. If your local retailer has a newsstand but does not carry gun titles, ask the manager to carry your favorite magazines.

Just say, “No Thanks” to these anti-gun retailers:

Kroger (and ALL affiliates including: Ralphs, Food 4 Less, Smith’s, Fred Meyer, etc.)


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Fortunately, you can still get a print subscription to American Handgunner and GUNS Magazine delivered straight to your home.

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