Rimfire Considerations

In between all of this, though, one of the slides had to become a .22. With a borrowed Colt .22 conversion in hand, I miked and measured and milled until I narrowed and lightened one of the two centerfire slides (originally a .38 Super) enough that it could feed from a .22 magazine. I machined a filler for the breechface, silver brazed it in place, machined it again, and now had a removable .22 breechface, complete with rimfire firing pin, which I turned down from another .22 conversion pin and forged into a dogleg to get the correct offset. Somewhere in there I acquired a prototype .22 barrel from the Colt model shop I promptly — sacrilegiously to some — cut to Commander length for my gun. Shockingly, it worked. All of it. So much so I can’t remember the .22 ever failing to feed.