Bravo Concealment 3.0 BCA OWB Gun Holster:

If I Only Had One Holster

If anyone knows me, I like to practice the Gray Man lifestyle. The concept is elusive, but it goes like this: Do not draw attention to yourself. Do not show your cards, including assets and capabilities. Your use of force in self-defense should look like a series of accidents. Above all, concealed carry is concealed.

I carry my Springfield Armory Hellcat in a BCA OWB holster because it is the smallest possible footprint for an OWB holster with fully adjustable retention.

The BCA OWB holster utilizes two-piece construction. Both holster halves are precision-molded polymer. The two-piece design was the first selling point for me, by the way. Some holster products only mold a single shell, which attaches to a leather backing or similar material. With holsters made of different materials, sometimes changing the body position, such as drawing from a seated position or from a crouch, changes the retention. The BCA OWB holster has a consistent draw regardless of the position of the shooter. To test it, I drew from dozens of positions and I was always able to obtain a good master grip and consistent draw.

Bravo Concealment uses CAD design and a copy of the actual gun for accuracy in the fit. This method is significantly more accurate than traditional holster building. This is not my first Bravo Concealment holster, and they do not rattle, nor does the retention change after hundreds of draws.


If you buy an expensive new car, one thing you expect is there will not be “panel gap” areas where the body surfaces don’t have a consistent seam, or there is a significant gap between them. The BCA OWB is like an expensive car, but it is relatively inexpensive for a custom-fit holster.

The 1.5” belt loops of this two-piece design attach on the rivet line, on the fore and aft of the holster. The flats, where the rivet line resides, have a natural curve that follow the contour of the waistline. Because the holster does not protrude from the body much further than the belt loops, the BCA OWB rides right against the body. With the gun canted about 10 degrees, only about an inch rides lower than the beltline. The lowest point of this holster is the threaded barrel opening.

To put this all into perspective, I can wear my Hellcat outside the waistband and only use a loose T-shirt for complete concealment. The butt of the gun is against my body, and I can enjoy the comfort of carrying OWB.

Configuration Options

All Bravo Concealment holsters have configuration options, and this one has the most popular ones. First, the belt loops can be removed with a Phillips head and flipped upside down. Now the gun rides a little higher. The loops can be swapped for (optional) mini-paddles, pancake loops or even tuckable IWB loops. I recommend the pancake loops for even flatter carry. I DO NOT recommend the IWB loops. Rather than look at these loops for your gun, get the Bravo Concealment Torsion IWB holster if you prefer IWB. I have one. If you know, you know. They have an OWB/IWB combo package that includes the BCA OWB and the Torsion IWB holster for $115.98 MSRP (wait for it to go on sale, which is often).

On the range, the BCA OWB encourages a natural presentation. The interior is slick and it relies on a precision fit and the adjustable screw that sits under the trigger guard to control the tension. I like the “clop” of Kydex when I draw, and I have discovered I like the sound of this polymer even more. The draw did not change when I got the holster wet. Although every holster will cause holster wear on a gun, this product will definitely minimize it.

Bravo Concealment makes matching magazine holders that also have adjustable retention.

The BCA OWB covers the entire trigger guard and it has a high — and very slick — sweatguard. I had absolutely no problem finding the correct approach angle for reholstering, and was always greeted with the reassuring “clop,” which is quieter than Kydex. Bravo Concealment does not use a flared opening in the holster mouth. They don’t need to. The holster sits on the same place on the belt, every time, allowing for a predictable placement.

Light-bearing models are available.

The BCA OWB holster is lighter than Kydex models of similar design. If I am carrying my Hellcat in my BCA OWB, I would bet on me. If I only had one holster, this would be the one.

MSRP is 57.99.

Bravo Concealment has a discount program honoring the Thin Blue Line, first responders and military.

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