If you buy an expensive new car, one thing you expect is there will not be “panel gap” areas where the body surfaces don’t have a consistent seam, or there is a significant gap between them. The BCA OWB is like an expensive car, but it is relatively inexpensive for a custom-fit holster.

The 1.5” belt loops of this two-piece design attach on the rivet line, on the fore and aft of the holster. The flats, where the rivet line resides, have a natural curve that follow the contour of the waistline. Because the holster does not protrude from the body much further than the belt loops, the BCA OWB rides right against the body. With the gun canted about 10 degrees, only about an inch rides lower than the beltline. The lowest point of this holster is the threaded barrel opening.

To put this all into perspective, I can wear my Hellcat outside the waistband and only use a loose T-shirt for complete concealment. The butt of the gun is against my body, and I can enjoy the comfort of carrying OWB.