The History

We didn’t invent concealed carry, we just perfected it” is the unofficial motto of this solid 2A company from Amityville, NY. They’ve been doing what they do best for almost 50 years.

What started as a hobby for Gene DeSantis became a career — which morphed into a family business involving his sons Danny and Chad. Gene made a holster for an FBI friend in the early ’70s while he was still in college. Impressed, the friend told Gene he could sell more to fellow agents if Gene would make them. Upon graduation, Gene saw a gap in the holster industry and opened shop, serving the likes of the FBI, Secret Service, TSA, DHS, Customs and Border Patrol.

You needn’t be a Federal Agent to appreciate the comfort, style and security a DeSantis holster provides. Picking one up, strapping it on and holstering your pistol, the quality is apparent. Whether made of thermoplastic Kydex, premium leather, suede, or nylon, rest assured, it’s made right.

Attention to detail, quality control, speed of delivery and having holsters in stock for newly released guns are just some keys to the success. DeSantis also produces belts, hunting accessories, dog collars and duty belt gear for law enforcement.