DeSantis Gunhide

Quality Suitable for the FBI, Secret Service and Action Heroes

Whether packing plastic or iron, your pistol of choice will look good and ride securely in a DeSantis rig.
On top, a Mini Scabbard, with Auto Ordnance 1911, and down below, an Osprey with Tank’s GLOCK 22.

Imagine the surprise on caveman Klug’s face as he stalks Org, a seemingly easy victim of a pre-historic strong-armed robbery. Org whips out a short snubbie club from beneath his saber-toothed shoulder sash, bashing Klug over the noggin, stopping the attempt cold.

Fast forward a few stone-ages, and things haven’t changed much. We know the importance and advantages concealed carry provides.

Thankfully, we have an abundance of reliable and reputable holster makers like DeSantis Gunhide to help in our endeavor of protecting our families and ourselves.

The Slim Tuk (left) is a Kydex IWB model allowing custom cant and the ability
to wear anywhere on your belt. The Variable 87 is made of 1060D Ballistic Nylon.
It’s a safe, secure and mighty comfortable option of carrying IWB.

The History

We didn’t invent concealed carry, we just perfected it” is the unofficial motto of this solid 2A company from Amityville, NY. They’ve been doing what they do best for almost 50 years.

What started as a hobby for Gene DeSantis became a career — which morphed into a family business involving his sons Danny and Chad. Gene made a holster for an FBI friend in the early ’70s while he was still in college. Impressed, the friend told Gene he could sell more to fellow agents if Gene would make them. Upon graduation, Gene saw a gap in the holster industry and opened shop, serving the likes of the FBI, Secret Service, TSA, DHS, Customs and Border Patrol.

You needn’t be a Federal Agent to appreciate the comfort, style and security a DeSantis holster provides. Picking one up, strapping it on and holstering your pistol, the quality is apparent. Whether made of thermoplastic Kydex, premium leather, suede, or nylon, rest assured, it’s made right.

Attention to detail, quality control, speed of delivery and having holsters in stock for newly released guns are just some keys to the success. DeSantis also produces belts, hunting accessories, dog collars and duty belt gear for law enforcement.

The Dual Angle Hunter is a rugged, beautifully stitched thumb-break
holster you can wear strong side, or cross-draw style for convenience.

Let’s Highlight Some Favorites.

Dual Angle Hunter
This classic thumb-break shuck is made of premium suede-lined saddle leather. You can wear it “conventionally” strong-side, or “conveniently” cross-draw style, because of two separate slots for belts up to 1.75″ wide.

The thumb-snap design adds security during rough country excursions but is still quick on the draw. Other features include full trigger-guard coverage, heavy outline stitching, channel groove for front sight and closed toe construction. The Dual Angle Hunter is as tough as the hunters who wear them.

Variable 87
This lightweight IWB holster offers comfort for you and your shooter. Made from 1060D Ballistic Nylon and lined with slick pack cloth for a smooth, quick draw. Features include the DeSantis Tuckable 360 clip offering unlimited cant adjustment and integral sweat shield allowing the wearer to mount anywhere on their waistline, at any angle they choose. The Variable 87 is available in six different sizes to accommodate most handguns.

A newer model made of Kydex, with a tuckable 360 nylon C-Clip, offers the wearer unlimited mounting options. You can change the hardware for left- or right-handed carry. Features include full-length front sight groove, ambidextrous mounting, adjustable gun tension, angle adjustable for optimal comfort and presentation, and lightweight construction.

Mini Scabbard
A traditional OWB holster with a stitched fold-over belt loop, this minimalist-style holster has a tension screw allowing custom fit. Made of premium saddle leather, its boned-in perfection adds style to this slightly forward cant for quick presentation. A slim, trim concealable option, especially for a 1911.

This dual IWB/OWB offers versatility on circumstances or choice. Worn OWB, the combination double-belt loop has a traditional stitched loop, with punched rear slot, for a secure anchor system pulling the gun-butt tight against your torso. The removable external front-snap loop allows IWB wear, anchoring the holster to your belt.

You know you’ve made it big when Hollywood takes notice of your product. Bruce Willis’ iconic shoulder rig in Die Hard is a DeSantis. He even asked for it by name in the later movies. DeSantis holsters have made appearances in American Gangster and Law & Order too. Even Arnold and Chuck Norris displayed some DeSantis gear in Terminator and Invasion U.S.A.

You don’t need to be a movie star, federal agent, or even a copper to take advantage of the great gun gear DeSantis Gunhide offers. Their best customers are just regular folks like you and me.

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