Blackhawk’s New
T-Series Holsters

The L2D & L3D Systems

As a cop, I was trained to realize there would be a gun at every single call I responded to … my own. This sobering fact gave me a real respect for gun discipline, that is, always blading your gun away from any citizen contact and keeping your body between anyone and your gun — all the time. This is commonly called the “interrogation stance” and it becomes second nature after doing it long enough. Subtly done, most citizens never recognize it, yet old retired cops still do it, even while talking among themselves.

Training Is Paramount

The last duty holster I was issued by my department was a Safariland Level 3 holster. A button had to be depressed, along with a retention strap and finally, a little twist was needed to free your gun while drawing. We spent a week transitioning with the new holster, retraining ourselves how to draw. It was necessary training — one our training staff recognized — and one I was grateful for because I knew under stress we all revert back to training, and I sure didn’t want to revert back to drawing as I would from my old holster. There’s a big lesson here.

T-Series L2D & L3D Makes It Natural

The T-Series line of holsters from Blackhawk works on the same concept as a duty-style holster, but they made the locking system more user friendly and natural. Following the Master Grip principle, your thumb naturally falls on the “thumb release” to free the gun for drawing.

Both holster styles have low-friction internal material for smooth and effortless drawing while also dampening any holstering or drawing sounds when stealth mode is necessary. The T-Series protects your gun in a non-bulk, sleek design package that’s durable and long lasting.

The outer shell is made of a proprietary glass reinforced material while the interior is comprised of a low-friction, soft touch thermoplastic.

The exterior also has an groove for trigger finger indexing, assuring proper alignment to establish a Master Grip, which naturally aligns your thumb to the release button and allows you to draw your gun.

Another convenient feature is the belt loop attachment system. It’s easily opened by removing two screws for installation onto a duty belt. There’s no need to remove items from the belt for proper holster placement. Once placement is made, simply replace and tighten the screws. The tension will prevent the holster from sliding on the belt.

Strap It!

For the more secure L3D system, a retention strap is added over the back of the pistol slide.
MSRP for the L2D is $129.95 and $149.95 for the L3D.

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