TRUGLO Fiber Optic Pro


The “squints” at TRUGLO have been at it again. You know, the guys/gals who wear the white lab coats, constantly looking for better products to offer their customers. This time they developed a fiber optic sight for competitive and recreational shooters.

A good company constantly experiments, tinkers or brings out new products to keep their fan base happy, and we know TRUGLO is a great company.

The Brightest Idea Yet!

While this new sight looks boringly plain, that’s what makes it so special. This patented front sight is unobstructed, giving it the most light-gathering potential possible by not blocking the fiber optic. The fiber optic is securely fitted through two holes to and from the front sight.

Under the fiber optic lays the concave base of the front sight, only it’s lined with reflective tape to bounce any ambient light back to the fiber optic — making the red fiber optic dot appear to magically glow for the shooter. The top of the front sight is flat, which makes holding for elevation easier. The face is serrated to keep glare down to a minimum.

The blacked-out serrated rear sight has a square notch, and when used in conjunction with the front sight, makes for fast target acquisition and a beautifully contrasted sight picture. The glowing red dot naturally centers itself in the square notch of the rear sight when the gun is raised to shoot.

The rear sight is dovetailed and has a locking Allen head screw to prevent any movement once sighted-in. Check TRUGLO’s website for the many different gun specific styles they offer for your particular pistol.

TRUGLO’s Fiber Optic Pro comes with spare fibers and reflector tape. As it’s standard size, once it’s installed your regular-sized holster can be used. MSRP is $82.99.

For more info: Ph: (888) 8-TRUGLO