Gun Maintenance Essentials


Sometimes the simplest shooting accessories make all the difference.

A month or two back, I picked up a Lyman Essential Gun Maintenance Mat. This arrived in my designated gun cleaning and maintenance room exactly one day after my wife and I spent over an hour looking for a stray striker block spring on the black and brown patterned carpet in there. She finally found it, but that’s beside the point.

The point of this nifty little accessory is to keep your parts under your control when field stripping, accessorizing, cleaning, or whatever else you do in the privacy of your gun cleaning area. The Lyman Essential Gun Maintenance Mat is made from some type of silicone or rubberized material so it keeps nasty and oily solvents and such off your countertops. Molded in are “storage” compartments of varying sizes. That’s where you put things like springs and pins that have a tendency to dive off the table at every opportunity.

The one shown here is the pistol version, but the company makes a rifle version too. Highly recommended. For your sanity.

For more info: Lyman Products.

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