Gunnysack: A.P.I. Gun Bags


Just as the preservation room in National Treasure isn’t for “delicious jams and jellies,” A.P.I. gun storage bags aren’t just for guns. Arms Preservation Inc. products feature VCI chemistry to prevent corrosion of firearms, parts, and ammunition during storage. The science behind it is intriguing. Time will tell, but A.P.I. bags can provide years of protection due to a unique VCI layer that reacts with metal to produce an invisible gas inside the bag. Protection diminishes only with the opening and closing of the bag. As I explored my gun room, I realized how many items I had tucked away in a “safe” place, but wasn’t doing anything to protect. A.P.I. offers various sizes of bags for handguns, rifles and shotguns, but also misc. parts bags and ammo can liners. My favorite is the parts and ammo storage bag— currently assigned to protecting the collection of misc. rounds I’ve accumulated over the years. I’ve since uncovered dozens of items I should be doing more for, including misc. bolt carrier groups, sights and an abundance of knives. While the parts and ammo storage bag accommodates regular size knives, I had to turn to the thick .50 cal. ammo liner for my Crocodile-Dundee style Bowie knife. As someone who doesn’t get rid of near anything, I’m happy to be doing something to protect my investments and collections.

MSRP: $11.99 to $24.99