Smith's Rescue 2-Blade Knife


I can’t tell you the number of cheap holiday “survival” gadgets I’ve seen over the years. I can tell you most of the ones my family has received have ended up in the trash or Goodwill bin. This year I got something truly worthwhile and is now on my gift list for hard-to-buy-for people throughout the year.

Released in 2021, Smith’s Rescue 2-Blade Knife is ready for adventure. I keep mine in my car, but it is handy to keep in a hunting pack or tool chest as well. It features a primary quick-access curved blade with a blunt tip. Over half the blade is serrated. Holding it reminds me of the velociraptor claw Dr. Grant threatened the obnoxious kid with in Jurassic Park. Secured with a liner lock design, this blade is intended for cutting cords and seatbelt webbing. Its teeth are no joke. I’ve cut myself on the blade more than once. Pro tip: Don’t attempt to have both blades open at the same time.

The second blade has several functions. It features a hook-shaped webbing/cord cutter, hex wrench, hand saw, bottle opener and flat head screwdriver. With this laundry list, I would have expected something cumbersome, but instead it turned out to be well-designed. The blunt tip serves as a flat head screwdriver while the bottle opener is cut into the back of the blade. This 5-in-1 blade locks at 90 degrees and 180 for better leverage when used as a screwdriver. G10 fiberglass laminate material covers the handles with small divots for better grip in wet and dry conditions. A pocket clip and lanyard hole provide multiple methods of carry and the tool sits flat on one side and the bottom for convenient container storage.

My favorite part? The built-in glass breaking tip made of precision ground carbide. How many nightmares have you had of being stuck in a sinking car? Smith’s put some thought into this tool. The carbide tip sits at the bottom of the knife at an angle ideal for striking when the knife is gripped in the palm.

MSRP: $62.99