Stand-Off Devices For 1911 And GLOCK Pistols


Does your job come with the expectation that close-quarter combat is not only possible but likely inevitable?

A custom stand-off device from D&L Sports can be added to professional Model 1911 or GLOCK pistols for front-line duty personnel, entry teams, defensive shooters and those who expect close-quarters contact.

The stand-off device allows the pistol to keep firing even when it is pressed into hard contact with the target. The slide will not be pushed out of battery and into a non-firing condition like conventional semi-auto pistols.

In the event of a strike with the pistol, it will still remain operational, and a pistol light mounted behind the strike face of the stand-off device will be protected from damage.

The stand-off device was originally designed to fit 1911 pistols which have integral light rails and at least three cross slots. It has five cross slots so your light and/or laser can still be mounted.

More recently, the stand-off device has also been made available for use on GLOCK G17 pistols. It is a simple slide-on affair with a single cross bolt.

The stand-off device is made from aluminum and weighs only 2.5 ounces.