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Going to the NRA’s Whittington Center near Raton, New Mexico is always exciting. You never know who you’re going to bump into or what new gear you’re going to see you didn’t know existed, but can’t live without, after seeing it. Here are a few items I’m going to share with you.

Never Unarmed 1911 eight-shot magazines make it easy
to own as many magazines as you want.

The eight-shot magazines were reliable for several types of ammo without fail.

All stainless-steel construction, along with superior craftsmanship,
contribute to Never Unarmed’s reliability factor.

Never Unarmed

You can never, and I mean never have enough 1911 magazines. Lynn Thompson, the mastermind behind Cold Steel, Inc. knows this! He’s done us a huge favor by designing a quality stainless steel constructed magazine, at an affordable price.

The majority of malfunctions in semi-auto pistols are traced to inferior magazines. Never Unarmed combats this malady with their all-stainless-steel design, assuring reliable feeding with modern styled springs and followers. The body is virtually immune to moisture and sweat, so there’s no worries about rust or corrosion hanging up the follower. The base pads provide protection from slamming into concrete surfaces during tactical reloads.

The eight-round magazines reliably fed every type of ammunition I shot through them, including large hollow-point bullets, Black Hills HoneyBadger, and semi-wadcutter cast handloads. Watching several shooters testing the magazines in their own 1911’s, not one malfunction occurred after several hundred rounds.

At just $17.95 a magazine, or half the price for comparable magazines, you can afford to buy all the 1911 magazines you want. Future chamberings include 9mm and 10mm magazines, as well as GLOCK-style magazines.

Do yourself a favor try out Never Unarmed’s magazines. Visit to learn more.

The Skinner Sights Pocket Pal is a convenient way to carry spare ammo in the woods.

Cartridges from .30-30 to .45-70 are easily carried in silence
while hunting or loafing in the woods.

Slim, trim and compact, you’ll never know it’s there, until you need to reload.

Skinner Sights Pocket Pal

Carrying spare ammo in the field just got easier thanks to Andy Larrson, head honcho of Skinner Sights. A lifelong outdoorsman, Andy’s brain is constantly figuring out ways to improve the daily tasks sportsman encounter. The Pocket Pal is a prime example. It’s so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it.

The ballistic nylon carrier allows you to carry four rounds of ammo from .30-30 through .45-70 without jangling in your pockets, alerting every animal in a five-mile radius, yet makes reloading easier with its individual compartments, from a quick access design. They come in black or green and are made in the Skinner Sights sewing department in Montana. Check ‘em out at You won’t be disappointed.

A sample of one of Junior’s Bullet Pens

Junior’s Bullet Pens – Pens With Purpose

Everyone needs a pen, so why not use one supporting the memory of a Special Forces combat veteran? More importantly, you’ll be supporting some great organizations.

While siting across from Jon Canipe, director of product management, apparel and accessories firearms at Magpul Industries, during the Shootist Holiday banquet, he handed me a pen. I immediately notice the heft and quality of it. Constructed from two 7.62X51 Lake City brass cases, I recognize the familiar shape. I then read the small insert inside the package. Chills ran down my spine.

There’s many options for the pen you want to design. Remember,
30% of the proceeds go to supporting our Special Forces troops!

The pens are dedicated Staff Sgt. Chris Falkel, a member of the 3rd SFG (A) on ODA 316, who was killed in action on 8 August 2005 saving the lives of his team. Chris was awarded the Silver Star for his bravery and valor. Called “Junior” by his teammates, Chris was always making things from cartridge brass, but never figured out how to make a pen from it. “These are for you, my son.”

Chris’s dad followed up and started Junior’s Bullet Pens in honor of his son in 2007. Over 30% of proceeds goes to organizations supporting the Special Forces community, such as Task Force Dagger Foundation, Green Beret Foundation and Special Operations Warrior Foundation, taking care of Chris’s brothers and Special Forces family.

To date, over 500,000 pens have been sold by this one-man company. Junior’s actions saved the lives of 16 fathers that fateful day and eight children would have never been born afterwards, if not for his actions. That’s one hell of a legacy to leave behind.

Pens can be ordered from one to infinity. There’s no minimum order. They can be reached at or call directly at (720) 234-3166.

Junior’s dad, Jeff Falkel, wrote a book about Chris’s Special Forces endeavors. A worthy read about a true American hero!

Disclaimer: The products shared in this article are not sponsored and the opinions expressed are solely those of the author.

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