Grizzly Cartridge Goes Cowboy

.45 Colt Cowboy Action

Yahoo! Strap on your spurs, adjust your ten-gallon hat and grab your favorite thumb-buster, hog leg or horse pistol and head into town to give a sixgun salute to Grizzly Cartridge Company.

Founded in 2003, Mike Rintoul had the idea to produce a product in which every aspect of its engineering, manufacturing and marketing would undergo his personal inspection, ensuring Grizzly Cartridge would maintain the highest level of quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Today, the company is well known for their powerful, precision-loaded ammunition in dozens of handgun and rifle calibers for hunting, long range and target shooting.

So, why the celebration? Grizzly Cartridge has a new Cowboy Action load for those partaking in the classic sport of Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) — you know, those events geared toward shooting like a cowboy in Wild West.

.45 Colt Cowboy

“God created man, Sam Colt made ’em equal and Grizzly Cartridge Co. made ’em better.”

An authentic reproduction of the traditional cartridge, Grizzly Cartridge’s new .45 Colt Cowboy Action is a precision cast 250-gr. round-nosed, flat-point with a perfectly blended powder combination.

That combination creates a load with a muzzle velocity of 750 fps and low recoil, allowing handgun and levergun shooters to better control their shots for bull’s-eye accuracy and quicker follow-up shots when facing a Clanton gang of desperados in competition.

The new production ammo also utilizes non-corrosive reloadable brass and flash-suppressed powder for handloaded performance in factory-loaded rounds.

The .45 Colt Cowboy load comes in a 50-round rustic cardboard box just like yer great-gran’pappy picked up at the general store. However, MSRP is a little more at $34.99 per box.

For more info:, Ph: (503) 556-3006

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