Gunnysack: SIG SAUER Romeo1PRO Red Dot Sight


While you can use the new SIG SAUER Romeo1PRO pistol red dot sight for recreation and competition, it’s engineered for defensive and tactical use. That’s because it operates as an “always on” type model. There are no switches to throw, levers to raise, or gears to grind. The dot turns on and off with movement, and lack thereof, but operation is transparent to you. When you draw or pick up your pistol, the dot will be there. SIG claims a total battery life of 20,000 hours — somewhere between two and three years — depending on brightness setting. Be conservative and swap the battery every Fourth of July and you’ll never have to worry about it.

The Romeo1PRO offers a choice of dot size depending on which model you order: six or three MOA. I’ve been using the three MOA model and at medium brightness settings, it offers bright daytime visibility without blowing out the view in dark conditions. As such, I wouldn’t describe the dot size choice as “target vs. tactical” but rather personal preference. Don’t worry about not being able to find the smaller dot. Both models provide a choice of 12 different brightness settings, adjustable with side buttons. Ten are for daytime and nighttime use; two are night vision compatible.

The integral rear sight serves as a backup in the true sense. As the Romeo1PRO fits many pistols, I think SIG “averaged out” the rear sight height, so your precise point of impact for red dot and iron use may vary a bit. It’s close enough to get the job done in a pinch and all that’s required as the fail-safe option.

The Romeo1PRO offers a generous glass window combined with a slim aluminum frame, so visibility is excellent — the housing is near invisible from a practical standpoint. If you expect harder use, just install the included protective housing around the whole sight. Since I’m using it for carry, I go bare, but have no qualms about the unit’s ability to survive day-to-day knocks.

One more important detail — the battery compartment is accessible from the top so you won’t lose your zero when changing. $519.99

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