Slide Resurrection

Right off I decided I wouldn’t change anything on the slide. My task was to make a frame for the existing “Chow” slide. My thought was to build a lower complementing the brilliant work Chow did — maybe something ’70s style with a few subtle modern touches. I found an orphaned blued Colt Commander frame in the shop.

The Chow slide looked like it was for “conceal carry” so I stuck with this theme. First the trigger guard was forged square, very popular in the ’70s. The front strap was checkered 25 lpi for grip.

For easy reloads I chose to use a Stan Chen Gen 2 magwell (also checkered 25 lpi) which required cutting the .300 off the lower part of the frame. Next I fit my Derr Precision bobbed grip safety. It mimics a King’s Gunworks period part but is cleaner with smaller gaps after fitting. The internals are all new bar stock pieces by Cylinder and Slide with a Harrison Design “CC” hammer.

For the finish I elected for traditional two-tone. This differentiates the original Chow work in blue and my new work in brushed hard chrome. To finish things off I added traditional “double diamond” checkered ebony grips by Wood Caliber secured with satin hard chrome screws. The Wood Caliber grips have some of the best checkering I have ever handled on grips.

Commanders have always been a favorite of mine; they feel great in the hand and shoot very well. The finished gun shoots cloverleaf groups at 15 yards.