Now I only had trouble with the first cartridge out of the magazine seating into the chamber. I was taught at least 60 years ago to pull back the slide on a semi-auto pistol and let it go to chamber the first round. Success with this operation came when I began letting the slide go forward on its own when releasing the slide stop. For some reason, this worked.

For powders I chose Accurate #2, Accurate #5 Accurate #7 and the old standby, Unique. I also tried several factory loads and found some of the modern loads — at around 1,050 fps — wouldn’t operate the slide. An old box of Remington Kleanbore .30 Lugers clocked out at over 1,250 fps and worked perfectly. With this info, I came up with different powder charges to begin my experimenting. When I began hitting muzzle velocities in the high 1,100’s and mid-1,200’s, everything came together. Some of my best loads for both function and accuracy were the Sierra 85-gr. bullet over 4.5 grains of Accurate #2 for 1,250 fps and a 5-shot 20 yard group of 11/4" and the same bullet over 5.0 grains of Unique for 1,300+ fps and a solid 1" group.