Quality & Accuracy

I’ve been testing a variety of Rim Rock Bullets in .357 Magnum, .44 Special, .45 Colt and .44 Magnum, using some of my standard loads — and receiving excellent results.

In the .45 Colt one of my favorite loads has long been 20.0 grains of #4227 under a Keith bullet. With the Rim Rock 255SWC-GC this load shoots into 3/4" at 20 yards in a Ruger 71/2" New Model Blackhawk; that is literally a one-hole group. Two different loads were tried with the .44 Hollow Point version of this bullet, both of which gave groups of 1" using my custom Ruger New Model Flat-Top .44 Special with a 101/2" barrel by Gary Reeder. Using 15.5 grains of #2400, this is an excellent hunting load clocking out at just over 1,200 fps.

The same excellent results were obtained with the .357 Magnum 158-grain Hollow Point Gas Check in a Ruger New Model Flat-Top Blackhawk with a 10" barrel. Whether I used #2400 or #4227 the results were the same with 15 grains of the latter clocking out at 1,235 fps and 14 grains of the former adding 150 fps to the muzzle velocity. Both groups measured right at 1". Rim Rock Bullets provide an excellent product and are recommended highly.