What John Likes

For my personal use I load the Punch bullets somewhat conservatively, however they will still provide more than adequate penetration on anything I am likely to hunt This includes the 320-grain .45 Colt Punch bullet over 22 grains of H4227 for 1,170 from a 45/8" Blackhawk and 1,250 from a 71/2" .45 Colt. For the .454 in the 43/4" Freedom Arms I increase the powder charge to 26 grains to give me 1,325 fps, and for my .475 Linebaugh with the same barrel length 25 grains of the same powder with the 380-grain bullet does 1,175 fps.

For a full house loading of the .454 I use the 305 grain over 30 grains of H110 for over 1,650 fps from a Freedom Arms Model 83. Any of these loads provide deep or complete penetration along with excellent accuracy.