Good Thinking

The controls are well-placed. The sear-block manual safety is at upper rear, with levers on both sides. The slide latch is next, left side only, easy to operate. Next down and forward is the magazine-release button, not reversible. Below, on the front-strap, a small grip-safety lever blocks the trigger until you grip it.

The trigger is wide and smooth, with no silly flipper-safety. On the Lyman electronic gauge, the pull on my gun averaged 6.5 lbs., just right for a personal defense pistol. There’s a tiny amount of trigger take-up, a clean break and practically no over-travel. The front of the trigger-guard is rounded, and there’s a small rail up front for a light or laser.

The PK045 is made entirely of Aerospace Stainless steel and the all-black finish on the one shown here is durable PVD. There’s no separate grip panels but the frame sides are textured in a circular pattern giving a good hold. The PK045 is not striker-fired — there’s a pivoting hammer inside. And, good, deep slide serrations make retraction easy.

On a smaller self-defense pistol, I think sights are of less importance. Heizer sees it differently. These are excellent. Both are dovetail-mounted, so windage-adjustment is possible. They are three-dot, square-picture, with fiber-optic inserts. Red at the rear, white-circled green at the front. Really visible, even in low light.