I had the full intention of giving this ammo a serious trial run during a handful of hunts, but no thanks to the coronavirus, several of my hunts were canceled. Due to travel restrictions and other pitfalls, these hunts just didn’t materialize. Thankfully, I didn’t have to get tested for the virus before hunting whitetail on my farm — and the property was open for deer hunting business. Best of all, I didn’t have to wear a mask!

Long before season I took the .44 Magnum Hornady Handgun Hunter ammo to the range. I would be shooting a Freedom Arms Model 83 with a 10" barrel. This is a serious hunting revolver with great accuracy. If the ammo didn’t shoot well in this Freedom Arms, I would have reservations. The .44 Mag. offering comes in a 200-grain Monoflex bullet. Five shots over the Oehler 35P chronograph revealed a velocity of 1,428 fps. After sighting-in at 50 yards, I marched the target out to 100 yards. The results were not disappointing. Several 5-shot groups were inside 3". Put this revolver in the hands of somebody who can shoot a revolver well and the groups would be tighter. I was more than pleased with the accuracy but was anxious to see how the bullet would perform on game — like a big whitetail buck.