Lipsey’s S&W 642 Deluxe Airweight .38 Special


Lipsey’s S&W 642 Deluxe Airweight .38 Special personifies the perfect packing pistol for persons who perpetually carry concealed. This feathery aluminum alloy Airweight J-Frame provides all the strength necessary for potent .38 Special defense loads, while making it especially unnoticeable for both the carrier and any foreboding prying eyes.

The laminated rosewood round-butted boot-grips add to the comfort and concealability of this hide-out handgun and provides ample grip and purchase with its design and checkering. The hidden internal hammer removes any risk of snagging during draws or catching on clothing while firing from a jacket pocket, should the need arise.

The serrated ramped half-moon front sight is quickly “picked-up” during sight-acquisition. Used in conjunction with its hog trough rear sight, all the practical accuracy is provided, while maintaining its snag-free profile. Remember the mantra — front sight, press! Finish is a subdued matte silver applied finish, eliminating any light reflecting glare inhibiting sight-picture, or potential positional giveaway.

The 642 Deluxe Airweight .38 Special is a double-action only (as should be) 5-shot revolver.

Carrying The 642 Deluxe

A Barranti Leather “boot holster” is perfect for concealed carry for this gun. Whether carried in an actual boot as a secondary back-up, or front pocket primary piece, the gun can be carried comfortably. This palm-sized pocket-rocket epitomizes what a concealed shooter should be! A Barranti Leather six-pack companion is handy for carrying extra rounds in an auspiciously concealed manor.


The 642 Deluxe has a carry friendly 1 7/8″ barrel and weighs a wispy 15.6 oz. Overall length is 6.4″. This gun does have an internal safety lock and ships with a lockable plastic shipping box and lock. MSRP is $480. The 642 Deluxe Airweight is no lightweight when it comes to concealed carry defense.

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