Buckhorn Sights

Leave it to Andy Larsson to teach the proper way of using buckhorn sights, you know, those huge rear sights on lever guns. I always knew the ghost sight method, but that is only 1/3 the goodness these sights possess. When I saw Andy’s explanation on social media, I’ll admit to being humbled, while hitting myself in the head and thinking, “son of a gun! It makes perfect sense!”

Let me explain. Those old-time gun manufacturers were a smart bunch. The buckhorn is good for three distances, close, medium and long range. For close shots, you snug your front sight deep into the lower notch with your target perched on top of your front sight. Medium distances get the ghost ring setting, meaning centering your front sight in the middle of the semi-circle the rear sight makes.

Long range gets the top of the rear sight treatment. Hold your front sight level with the top of the rear sight. The reason the top is opened is so you can see your target perched on top of your front sight. Pretty darn easy, wouldn’t you say? You need to experiment to see where your loads will impact using this method. But it sure beats shooting blindly, eh?