Common Threads

The “gun/light/knife” combo is always there, usually augmented with some other goodies. Some things carry over into each category, some just live in one. Some version of the “Mini” gear is honestly on me all the time, regardless of what I’m wearing. The guns may get bigger, and I might add a light or tool of some sort, but I think I’d consider the “Mini” category as the benchmark and build up or down from there.

There’s always a pen too. It’s not necessarily because it’s “tactical” (at times I carry a collectible art pen simply because we can’t live by bread alone) but because my dad always told me: “A gentleman should always have something to write with, a pocket knife and a clean hanky to loan to a lady.” I added some sort of gun to the equation as time passed — and dad approved.

I always have one from each category with me, every day. And you should too.

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