Gun Grabbers Spend Big

Continuing to weaponized their wealth, so-called “gun safety groups” are planning to spend $8 million to flip Texas political races in favor of gun control-supporting Democrats this fall, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The big bucks promise came from Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety Victory Fund — and Texas will not be their only stop.

The Moms Demand Action group recently announced it will spend $5 million in Arizona “to elect gun sense candidates up and down the ballot.” That should not be ignored by Grand Canyon State gun rights activists, despite the fact that Arizona is one of the best-armed states in the West.

A recent report from the Arizona Department of Public Safety revealed the state has more than 356,500 active concealed carry permits. If all of those people vote in lockstep, they might be able to keep anti-gunners at bay this November.