One Hundred Million New Gun Buyers!

President Wakes Up A Third Of America! Liberals Consider Protection From Government

Glock will be advertising pistols in People magazine. They don’t know it yet.

After the laughing stops, anyone you tell about this — including Glock’s staff — says the same thing: People magazine will never accept the ads. Except the editors and ad reps themselves will be interested in the sidearms as much as their readers. Laughter turns to quizzical looks and a desire to hear more.

Hey, if it’s true, their cash registers ring in green like anyone else’s. This could be a good thing.

What’s the primary purpose of the Second Amendment? To protect the public from tyrannical government. The political left has its panties in a knot — yes panties, the movement is now apparently led by the feminist/girlie-man/nasty woman contingent — knotted against the new president. We got 77 more Electoral College votes than the other guy, 306 to 232, done deal, and we took the states 33 to 17, big differences. But they’ve illogically convinced themselves this makes Trump illegitimate. With a usurper in power all bets are off. Has a familiar ring.

As far as they’re concerned, the rule of law has been thrown under the bus. That’s a bad thing. But it was their guy, the one just ousted (outed?) by election, who illegitimately implemented rules, regulations and pseudo laws with hubris and disregard for the rule of law. A phone and a pen he insisted publicly, that’s all you need. That really was a bad thing, but they didn’t mind. He was their guy. We patiently watched with restraint.

If the rule of law has been abandoned by the very government itself, whatever side you’re on, you had better get armed. Doomsday can’t be far behind. We of course comprehend “armed public” — they’re just figuring this out.

The massive ladies’ post-inauguration march bore signs characterizing Trump as a Nazi, complete with emblems. They used them during the campaign too. If any of that concentration campy-garbage is true then sure, you better arm yourself. And here’s the wonderful surprise — and marketing opportunity.

Untapped Buyers

Those people practically don’t know what guns are. The political left in America represents the largest untapped market for the gun industry in the history of history. I’m getting questions demonstrating their simultaneous ignorance and interest, like, “How do I register to get a gun?” Schooling and media have them clueless — and now curious.

When the gun industry catches on — and they will — firearms could be advertised in full pages of Good Housekeeping and The New York Times (you can almost hear them shout, “Never!” the prejudicial pretenders). Smart, safe gun ownership represents good housekeeping. We’re talking about an entire population, probably a third of the country (they’d like you to believe they’re half but that’s propaganda they spread). Think about it — one hundred million Americans are gunless. That’s a vacuum, a market-void desperately waiting to be filled.

The old sarcastic posters of the other guy with the Arabic name as the greatest gun salesman in history, yuk-yuk, are about to be replaced by the current president. Will liberals and gun haters run en masse to gun stores, ranges and book sellers to learn about and stock up on guns and ammo against this supposed war criminal who, unlike his predecessor, hasn’t droned anyone yet? Start running clever ads.

The leftists I speak with literally believe the new president has Gestapo at the gates waiting to shoot “people of color” (their PC term, formerly, colored people, q.v., oh the irony) coloring streets red. It’s the same thing you maybe feared (or heard about, wearing blue U.N. helmets) under the other guy, turned 180 degrees (and equally mythical).

The main difference will be the missing knowledge liberals bring to the game. The gunless hordes on the left not only don’t know firearms, they have little or no understanding of the principles making firearms so important — the underpinning of The American Way.

They operate clueless of the fact firearms are the bulwark of freedom. They’re acting and reacting on abject fear from deep within their souls. This is actually a good thing. Driven by animal instinct, a need to survive, to protect themselves, their families, things they value, they scramble like drowning people clutching at straw. With no philosophical concepts, no historical framework, no educational basis, they understand, at their core, the value of a gun in-hand when hellions are knocking. Only firearms provide the safety immediacy requires. They want it. They desire it. They finally “get” what we’ve known all along.

Now thankfully they are completely wrong. Their guys, the former president and the current loser represented real threats to the Republic, and we armed peasants represented a stop-gap to dictatorial control. Those threats are now over. Or are they?

What if they’re right? Can we be complacent at this point in history? Trump, who we seem delighted to see in office, he now is the government, that self-same government needing civilian oversight and must be kept in check. With awesome power at his command, can he be trusted? Isn’t he now the reason we are all armed? Will absolute power corrupt? Certainly hope not, finest human ever, but …

Recall how we felt when 17 people vied on stage for the nomination and we didn’t really like any. We prayed for a philosophically pure emotionally stable candidate. One who never made the stage. Recall how all we had was a best of bad choices. Hold your nose and vote. Vote against the other guy. Thank heaven the criminal syndicate lost.

It would be grand to finally witness firearms fascination spread nationwide — for all the right reasons. But we’ll take it however it comes. As left joins right in true appreciation of the value of arms, we’ll maintain constant vigil over our freedom, fundamentally transforming People.

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