OTIS Technology
New Gunsmith Tools


I’ve been an OTIS Technology cleaning system fan for as long as I can remember. The innovative breech-to-muzzle cable systems made us all reconsider the logic of pulling the fouling out the dirty end rather than back toward the action. More recently, they’ve been expanding their tools and related accessories lines.

The new Gunsmithing Punch Set is all brass … and solid. Unlike cheapies, these are machined from single bars or whatever shapes hunks of brass come in. They’re also stamped with the punch size.

The Gunsmithing Pick Set has some familiar tools for you OTIS users. Take-apart rod segments attach a punch, brass blade, brush, pick, rail scraper and more. Just what you need to get in the areas where grime likes to hide.

Last, you handgunners might like the new Patriot Series pistol cleaning kits. Short and thick cable segments make pistol cleaning easy using the included pull handle, patches, patch loop and brushes. It all comes in a tiny shooting bag-friendly box. OTISTec.com

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