Personal Defense And Security

It Should Be All Around You

It seems the topic might be broad — and it is. What tools should you use to protect your family? Every possible tool you can find, that’s what. While agonizing over the best home defense handgun can be hard/fun, missing the other less obvious opportunities to add to your bag of tools is a huge mistake. When does a fire extinguisher become a defensive tool? Anytime you might need one to put out a fire, or blast a bad guy. See? Keep your mind open and look past the obvious. We do.

Tactical Walls offers endless ways to hide your gear, and their Concealment Night Table and “Issue” Box (in case you have an issue, get it!) are personal favorites. A secret method opens the “under-shelf” on the table, and presto, out it comes with your hardware, light or tomahawk — or all three. The “Issue” Box sits on the table hiding a secret inside. “Oh, mind if I get a tissue to wipe my tears since you’re frightening me so badly Mr. Burglar?” Surprise.

The Battenfeld Lockdown Vault Lights solves the problem of having to fumble around in a dark safe. They come in two sizes and can be attached with included magnets, screws or Velcro. They are cordless, and the small one has a sensor, turning on when the door is opened. Mr. Fumble-Fingers no more. Good idea, eh? About $35.

Mr. Gun doesn’t do you any good if it’s in the safe when you need it so N82 offers the Ambassador. One of the “uber” comfy rigs around. An ad shows “dad” taking a nap on the couch with his holster on. Get it? It’s true — it works.

The UnderTech UnderCover “undershirt” has a built-in holster suitable for small frame autos. I’m a proponent of being armed at home, and this makes an easy way to tote a gun while doing chores or watching TV. Toss a light shirt over things and do your errands too. Think outside the box — or under your shirt — when it comes to protection.

The Gun Box by, oddly enough “The Gun Box” company, is just that, a secure way to keep your defensive gun handy at home, but away from prying little tykes or your nefarious nephew. It doesn’t “look” like a lock box, and has Bluetooth, Bio and RFID scanners to access things fast. If it gets bumped, it sounds an alarm too. Be smart and lock ’em up if you need to.

Tuff Writer’s name may just give you a hint about their pen products. Built to no-holds-barred standards by a dedicated husband and wife team (Jack and Peachy Roman), their pens are uncompromising, handy (that’s a .45 ACP laying there for size) and beautiful writing tools. But they also put a serious, “surprise!” defensive weapon into your hand when a bad guy least expects it. Check off your “to-do” list one minute, then defend yourself the next. You can even fly with them. Ta-Da.