Dot School

A handful of us had gathered at the 10,000-acre JL Bar Ranch a couple hours from San Antonio. Federal Cartridge had graciously supplied ammunition, CrossBreed a selection of holsters for the two-day RMRcc introduction and a refresher on shooting small pistols.

The 1x, 1.25-oz. RMRcc announced this fall has the same base length as its parent but is just 0.9" tall and wide. The window is proportionately smaller: 0.76" by 0.56". “That’s no handicap,” Scott Jedlinski assured me. You’d expect such a claim from Trijicon’s sales staff. Scott, however, is an ace pistol shot and instructor, patiently teaching a rifleman with hands that engulf 1911s how to use concealable 9mms.

“Your body aligns the pistol,” he reminded me. “A small window actually sharpens your focus on the target. If you must search for the dot, check your stance, shoulder position and grip. Stand with left foot slightly forward, shoulders, elbows and wrists unlocked. Grip the pistol high. Don’t clench it. Bring it up to your eye; nix the tactical-turtle hunch. Cup your trigger hand firmly with your left. Add pressure with your left little finger to bring the muzzle down. The dot will appear right away, descending from 12 o’clock.”

The technique worked. Suddenly the RMRcc’s window didn’t look small. But the sight itself was much more in keeping with the profile of my GLOCK 48. It fit similar pistols too — GLOCKs, but also an S&W M&P Shield and Springfield’s Hellcat.