25 Yard Proof

When I decided to do a review on the Emperor, I knew I’d have to shoot some targets at 25 yards. Now to be honest with you, I’m pretty skeptical about some of the 25-yard reports I read about, especially the ones where the shooter puts all their rounds inside of two inches while shooting a handgun freehand. With a handgun having open sights the front sight totally covers the center of any regular-sized target at 25 yards. And because it does, you cannot be sure your sight alignment is perfect every time. Even when you use a rest, handguns of any caliber larger than .22 do not sit still when they’re fired. They go up and back, which means they have to be repositioned for the next shot, even if in a rest. Doing it myself made me understand why guys like to brag on their best three even if the other rounds are flyers.

But, you live and learn. With the ARX ammo, the Sig amazed me with four rounds touching at 25 yards. The other one was at least on the paper, although 6" away—obviously my fault. The next best group was with Browning BXP — two rounds almost touching, another about an inch away and the other two were at least visible on the paper. With Speer Gold Dot JHP, I managed to get all five rounds within a 4" circle. With the Sig Sauer ammo, I managed three shots in a vertical line an inch apart. I can’t even find holes for the other two. Let’s just say it wasn’t the gun and it wasn’t the ammo. It was me.