It’s awfully nice to talk to an actual human being when you call to order something, anywhere, and Mike’s ready, good humor makes it even more fun. Mike had a 35-year career as a police officer, so can not only talk to anybody about anything, he’s been around guns and shooting and CCW for most of his life. If he can’t help you with whatever your needs or challenges might be when it comes to carrying a gun — you may as well give up.

“I help people all the time,” he told me on the phone. “I’ve got customers I’ve known for decades, and I’m blessed because new customers keep finding me too!” It’s not surprising, actually, since carrying a gun is a distinctly personal thing, so having someone with experience give you his focused, personal attention to help you get exactly what you want is a powerful tool. Mike wields that tool gracefully, and puts it to good use for his customers.

I’ve been using Mike’s gear for, literally, 25 years, and if anything they’re even better now (as he chases 80) than before. Mike blends horsehide, cowhide and exotics into solid, reliable designs not needing to hide from anything modern in concept, design or final form. He’s constantly upgrading, changing and improving and the only thing “old school” about Mike or his work is his high quality and customer service.