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The One-Man Shop Is Alive And Well!

Since everything is custom, Mike can add a lining or any other option you need or want.
Note the attention to detail, down to the smallest curve and feature.

You want custom? I can do custom!” laughed Mike Taurisano. “As a matter of fact, it’s most of what I do, and what I love best!” Mike’s been making holsters, one at a time, by hand, for about 55 years. As he said in a letter to me not long ago, “Hey, you can tell I still use a manual typewriter, but rest assured, I sew better than I type!”

Mike and I have been friends for about 25 years, and his consistent good humor, top quality work and can-do attitude is what’s kept me coming back again and again. That, and the fact he makes some of the best damn gear around, anywhere — all by himself. If you call Mike and say, “Um, Mike, I need a right hand belt slide for a Desert Eagle .44 Magnum, tan with matching single mag pouch.” He’d likely say, “What color tan, light or dark?” No kidding.

In today’s world we’re all getting used to “Oh, you can have that in Kydex or plastic, or injection molded and please order by SKU number.” There’s nothing wrong with that, but much of today’s holster/carry product is more or less a commodity and many makers have chased it all to the lowest price possible. But for some of us, we want more than that.

Roy carries the LCPII pocket rig (below) and single mag pouch daily. The Solo is his “bigger” gun and rides in the Maximus (left).
The other two are IWB rigs. Right: The IWB leather loop rig allows adjustment of the loop to meet your most comfortable carry angle.


It’s awfully nice to talk to an actual human being when you call to order something, anywhere, and Mike’s ready, good humor makes it even more fun. Mike had a 35-year career as a police officer, so can not only talk to anybody about anything, he’s been around guns and shooting and CCW for most of his life. If he can’t help you with whatever your needs or challenges might be when it comes to carrying a gun — you may as well give up.

“I help people all the time,” he told me on the phone. “I’ve got customers I’ve known for decades, and I’m blessed because new customers keep finding me too!” It’s not surprising, actually, since carrying a gun is a distinctly personal thing, so having someone with experience give you his focused, personal attention to help you get exactly what you want is a powerful tool. Mike wields that tool gracefully, and puts it to good use for his customers.

I’ve been using Mike’s gear for, literally, 25 years, and if anything they’re even better now (as he chases 80) than before. Mike blends horsehide, cowhide and exotics into solid, reliable designs not needing to hide from anything modern in concept, design or final form. He’s constantly upgrading, changing and improving and the only thing “old school” about Mike or his work is his high quality and customer service.

Tauris Holster

Specific Rigs

I asked Mike to make me a pocket holster for my LCPII and a mag holder (see the black pocket rig in the picture). I had been carrying it in the factory-supplied nylon holster but found it allowed the gun to shift easily, sometimes ending up sideways if I had it in a larger pocket. Mike’s design (I have one for a J-Frame too) seats the gun firmly, muzzle down and it stays put. The upward “pointy” ends of the holster body tend to grab at the pocket, keeping the holster in place when you draw. The mag pouch (I keep it in my off-side cargo pocket) works the same way. And, they’re not too heavy, but also not too light, if you know what I mean.

The High Ride Kimber Solo holster is another one I ordered. His latest version, shown here, called the Maximus, has a horsehide exterior, cowhide lining and sharkskin trim for a little snazz. It’s a bit different from his Pro-Max model as this one has an elongated front slot and a wrap-around strap for the rear. It’s easier to put on than the traditional design, and I really like the way things stay tucked up tight against you. It’s my go-to strong-side rig for my Solo now.

Mike included two IWB holsters too, with slightly different designs. One has a hard plastic clip and the other a classic leather one. However, the leather one is adjustable for cant by changing screw holes so you can customize it to fit perfectly. You can see by the photos, Mike’s experienced hands show in his final products. You’d be crazy not to take advantage of that if you need something really nice — special even. Give Mike a shout, tell him we sent you, and prepare to be pleased with what you get. I promise.

For more info: Tauris Holsters LLC, www.taurisholsters.com

, Ph: (315) 735-0530

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