The $5 trillion gun-rights assault


Two years ago, a third power bloc introduced five principles for what they called “a responsible firearms industry.” This bloc represents $5 trillion in assets and the influence that implies.

According to the California State Teachers’ Retirement System, signatories to this include Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds; Florida State Board of Administration; Maine Public Employees Retirement System; Maryland State Retirement and Pension System; Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund; Rockefeller Asset Management; San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System; State Street Global Advisors and more.

These groups are not friends of the Constitution. According to CalSTRS Chief Investment Officer Christopher J. Ailman, “This is not a political statement about constitutional rights; it is a joint assertion by all the involved signatories that investors have a stake in advancing public safety.” This is total propaganda hogwash. It is 100% about your individual rights — squashing them.

The five stated principles of this power mob have zero to do with reducing criminal activity. The entire plan is aimed at you, your guns and your law-abiding neighbors. Consider the principles, and with them, alternate plans that would actually address real crime in America, entirely missing from this Harvard-assisted plan. Solutions having a chance of working will be avoided and evaded by these folks.

Any semblance of real answers to mob violence, street crime, arson, cold-blooded murder, destruction of the symbols and statues of our free society, will be dismissed while patting themselves on the back and running publicity campaigns to convince useful idiots their plan is good. Useful idiots include tens of millions of your fellow Americans who voted to install communists and ANTIFA anarchists into power in the recent elections. Here’s their plan, and some illumination.

The Gun Control Plan

First: “Manufacturers should support, advance and integrate the development of technology designed to make civilian firearms safer, more secure, and easier to trace.”

Any requirement that makes it harder for citizens to immediately bring guns to bear in emergencies is wrong headed. Police will and should object, as should the public. Giving authorities increased ability to track you or your guns is a terrible idea. Increasing crime-control efforts to identify and apprehend 7,000 perpetrators who murder 7,000 black victims every year is desperately needed, ignored here and unaffected by this misdirection of resources.

Second: “Manufacturers should adopt and follow responsible business practices that establish and enforce responsible dealer standards and promote training and education programs for owners designed around firearms safety.”

This is not the job of manufacturers. The school system must stop vilifying guns, leaving students in abject firearms ignorance, their history, their role in preserving peace and freedom, and how to safely handle and discharge firearms for sport and protection.

Third: “Civilian firearms distributors, dealers and retailers should establish, promote, and follow best practices to ensure no firearm is sold without a completed background check in order to prevent sales to persons prohibited from buying firearms or those too dangerous to possess firearms.”

Law enforcement is a government duty, not a civilian one. Repeated studies show almost all retail-sales denials are false positives, and the few criminals foolish or brash enough to attempt retail purchases face virtually no meaningful police response. This is where attention is needed, not castigating or even focusing on innocent businesspeople.

Fourth: “Civilian firearms distributors, dealers, and retailers should educate and train their employees to better recognize and effectively monitor irregularities at the point of sale, to record all firearm sales, to audit firearms inventory on a regular basis, and to proactively assist law enforcement.”

Again, the misguided rich elites focus on the innocents and retail. To reduce crime, focus on criminals: Keep repeat offenders behind bars, using firearms in crime must receive real punishment. Judges who allow such criminals to skate should be publicly identified, censured, and removed from the bench. The countless criminals already armed need to be identified and dealt with under existing law. Focusing on gunless bad guys buying their first gun at retail is an idiot’s plan for crime control.

Fifth: “Participants in the civilian firearms industry should work collaboratively, communicate, and engage with the signatories of these Principles to design, adopt, and disclose measures and metrics demonstrating both best practices and their commitment to promoting these Principles.”

Officials, not civilians, should routinely post their progress in identifying armed felons, inner-city murderers, catching them and bringing them to justice. Everyone must expose elitist anti-rights bigots posing as experts and proposing attacks on civilians as an obstacle to reducing crime. It misdirects attention, wastes resources and denigrates fundamental human rights, by people pretending to be authorities, which they are decidedly not.

You should question their sources of wealth, and whether it should be redistributed, considering their obvious misuse of the astounding funds and influence they have controversially amassed.

Alan Korwin’s website features plain-English books on state and federal gun laws for the public, and more common sense like you just read. He invites you to write to him or see his work at, where you can get books and DVDs that help keep you safe.

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