Performance Center Pride

Now, the Shield 2.0 is getting the Performance Center treatment with premium features such as factory-ported barrels and slides. The ports lessen muzzle-flip during firing, while also conveniently reducing a few ounces of total weight from the pistol.

The whole action is tuned by the Performance Center, as only they can do, culminating in a smoother functioning firearm with a lighter trigger-pull and shorter reset. Tritium night sights are now an option. Encased in white circular buffers, they provide a white, three-dot sight system in conjunction with the front sight during daylight and the famous tritium green glow during low/no-light conditions.

Front cocking serrations were added for a more positive grip during slide manipulation and press-checks. The polymer frame has its stainless steel chassis system embedded in the polymer frame for steel-on-steel contact between frame and slide.