Handier Handgun? You Bet!

Big-Bore aficionados love hand cannons; it’s what makes them tick. After observing their upper appendages remained connected to the body after shooting the 8.38" barreled X-Frame hand cannons, they relaxed a bit, even enjoying the big thumpers.

This revelation got them thinking about a compact-sized hand howitzer. You know, something easier to carry, yet still packing enough kinetic energy to neutralize the nastiest of adversaries. Cue the S&W Performance Center. The Performance Center engineers decided it was high time to miniaturize the 500 S&W fire-breathing dragon for folks appreciating the proverbial pocket-rocket. The 3.5" barrel, with side milled flats, definitely makes packing easier, meaning gunslingers will be more likely to carry their back-up bazooka.