Behind the Scenes

My Holster Collection

As an online editor for FMG Publications...

...I enjoy the privilege of being able to report to you the results of my tests of guns and gear. One of my favorite pieces of gear to test is a handgun holster — especially one designed for concealed carry.

Holsters for concealed carry have come a long way, especially in the last 10 years or so. And not only are holster manufacturers getting more innovative as time goes on, there are also more holster manufacturers than ever.

I’ve had the privilege of reviewing hundreds of handgun holsters and wanted to show you just one of my holster bins from my shelves. This bin you see here has about 50 holsters in it and I’ve got four of these bins filled to the brim ... with just holsters. They’re mostly leather and Kydex but they run the gamut from IWB to OWB to ankle to shoulder to pocket.

I’ve worn every one of them, carried a gun in each, and written a review on just about every one, too. Many I take apart, reconstruct, or customize in some way. After a review, I keep them organized (sort of) on my shelves and use them in photo shoots. Often I’ll compare old to new, check gun fits as gun makes/models evolve over time, and more. Friends who shoot often ask about this or that gun, how it works in this or that holster, their inquiries covering good topics such as quality, durability, and more. I usually have some insight to share and am glad to do so. But, with each passing year I'm continually amazed at how something excellent can be further perfected...

For you FMG readers, this behind the scenes work translates into careful, thoughtful reviews to help you make good choices about the holsters you might want for carry duty. Enjoy!