I know, I know … another gun cleaner/lube/preserver. But this time, I can attest to something I can’t always say about others I’ve tested and written about — I’ve used Clenzoil on my own bench for more than 35 years. As a matter of fact, the bottle on the right in the photo is from my bench (note the dust and crud on it) and I’ve nursed it (refilling it) for about 10 years because I like the retro-label. The smell is even sort of “retro” since it contains petroleum distillates and reminds me of working in a gas station when I was a kid and all the swell smells in the service bays. I’ve so gotten used to the smell it even competes in my memories with — dare I say it — Hoppe’s. Let the phone calls and emails begin!

Clenzoil was developed by Capt. (later Doctor) Ellis Christian Lenz who served in WWII. He noticed the lubes and preservatives of the day often failed in the field allowing guns to malfunction, rust and worse. Once home he went to work developing a new product, and in 1948 Clenzoil was introduced. The glass bottle in the picture is a fun, “original” tribute bottle, just like that first product introduction. I can see this bottle resting on a hunter’s bench as he cleans an old Winchester in the late 1940s.
Clenzoil was a success and it took off becoming a staple among hunters, shooters, fishermen, machinists and anyone needing a high quality lube, preservative and cleaner. I like it because you can wipe it on wooden stocks, any metal, plastics, leather, rubber grips and any factory finishes. It also never gets gummy or sticky over time or in cold weather.

While hundreds of products today work fine, even great, I’ve found over the years I tend to go to a certain same set of products for cleaning, lube and preserving my guns and tools. Clenzoil is among the top two or three I reach for all the time. When you, as my dad used to say, “Spend time in-grade” with a product, you get to know what it can do and what it can’t do — and that predictable past experience gives confidence. So, while some other products excel in certain areas — Clenzoil has its strengths too. Being around, successfully, since 1948 means Clenzoil has had plenty of “time in-grade” to get any kinks worked out. They have all sorts of kits, applicators, wipes and tools and I recommend you give them a chance. For more info:, Ph: (813) 662-6454

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