Federal Premium Punch Ammo


Here’s another “easier to say than do” apothegm … Shoot several hundred rounds of your defensive ammo through your carry gun to be sure it’s reliable! At average prices, this works out to a few hundred bucks of money-to-noise conversion.

The folks at Federal have a new self-defense ammo offering — Punch. The premise is to deliver the features consumers care most about, thereby lowering the production cost and price. Law enforcement requires ammo designs that perform in scenarios rare to civilian use like glass and steel penetration. Punch includes carry and home-defense relevant features like nickel cases for corrosion resistance and slick feeding, reliable expansion through clothing barriers and consistent penetration.

Including civilian-relevant features makes a big difference in the price point. You can buy Punch for a little over half the price of traditional self-defense ammunition. For more info: www.federalpremium.com

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