Gunnysack Arredondo M&P MagBase


Arredondo M&P Magbase

Give me another round — or six. I carry an M&P9 Compact and keep the standard mag in it for concealment purposes. But I wanted more rounds in my spare mags. After all, I don’t care if an extended mag hangs out of the gun once the shooting starts. If you’ve got a similar desire for more firepower, I’ve found the product for you. I ordered the Arredondo M&P MagBase for my M&P9 and changed my magazine capacity from 17 to 23 in less than a minute without tools. This polymer MagBase directly replaces the standard floorplate on M&P full-size, compact and subcompact guns. It adds six additional rounds in 9mm or five for the 40 S&W. The best part is that it does it at a reasonable price point. Now, I’m all smiles. Models for different guns are available. The street price is $17.99.

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