hawk smart scope


This device answers a lot of needs. I have a couple of “target” camera systems I’ve accumulated and enjoy using them. But sometimes you don’t want to fuss with setting them up. The HAWK Smart Scope Spotting Scope Camera does just what it says, hooks up easily — very easily — to any spotting scope with a 36mm to 58mm eyepiece, and that’s just about any scope out there. The fun thing about something like this is suddenly target shooting is a group event. The feed from the unit hooks up to an iPad or smart phone, offering HD video, stills, shot-tracking and other stuff and it’s all easily visible to people watching. You pull the trigger and they see the shot hit!

I downloaded the app for my iPad, charged the unit (built-in Lithium-Ion batteries manage a 12+ hour run-time), and hooked it to my ancient spotting scope. I opened the app, turned on the scope, found it in my WiFi list, selected it and presto, I had the video feed on my iPad. The build-in screw clamp on the HAWK clamps around the spotting scope eyepiece so there’s no fumbly adaptors to mess with. You can turn the HAWK to assure the image is upright, and you use your spotting scope’s focus. It honestly takes less than a minute to clamp it on, hit the “on” button and get the app going. It’s got a two-year warranty and can handle iOS or Android operating systems.

You get live HD video or stills and you can record either on your smart device. You don’t need any local WiFi or cell service either as the HAWK supplies it. It uses the 2.4GHz band, weighs about one pound and has 1920 x 1080 resolution. It comes with a custom soft case, charger and the HAWK. It’s $299 at MSRP and if you shared the cost with a buddy or two that’s cheap fun and great convenience. I like to set it up with my iPad right next to me. This way, it’s shoot, look, shoot, look, without having to get up to look through the spotting scope every time. Plus, wife Suzi can make snide comments if I miss. “If you keep at it, maybe you’ll do better?” Make sure you have a stout ego if you get this. For more info: www.longshotcameras.com, Ph: (281) 205-8134

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