Infinity Defense Targets


What’s heavier than paper, lighter than steel, welcomes spray paint graffiti and encourages you to shoot the crap out of it?

That would be the new Infinity Defense Target. It’s a nifty idea. These silhouette targets are about 3/4″ thick and made of recycled rubber, so bullets pass right on through. No ricochets or concerns about safe distance to maintain from the target. They’re built to handle 110 5.56mm rounds. Per. Square. Inch. Read that again — they take 7,500 or so boatloads of impacts and keep on ticking.

To completely cover hits, just spray paint them like steel while thanking the company for not having to lug heavy plates around. The combination of pass-through design and easy hit coverage makes them great for matches, and you can get IDPA, IPSC and other engraved patterns (no need to redraw scoring lines).

Just use jumbo clamps to attach them to regular target sticks, and you’re ready to shoot. The company even sells paint stencils for “no shoot” targets. A very cool and innovative idea.

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