The 9mm Myth

From the Jan/Feb 1980 Issue

"It's not some kind of super magnum..."

“…nevertheless it is an efficient, well-designed .38 that’s popular with millions throughout the world.”

That’s Charles J. Vanous on the 9mm in 1980. He goes on from there to discuss the history of the cartridge as well as some bold opinions on its efficacy. He ends his article like this:

“If you prefer a flat handgun that is easier to conceal and carries more rounds than a revolver, you have only to take your pick from the large array of 9mm autoloaders, both domestic and foreign, that are available. If your friends (and especially your enemies) will be impressed because you carry “The Nine” then of course you must carry one. If you think you need 15 shots to down somebody who is gunning for you, perhaps what you should get is not a new gun with a larger magazine, but rather some practice on a pistol range. And finally, if you prefer a revolver, don’t forget that the .38 Special cartridge will give you the same ballistic results as the the 9mm, and the .357 Magnum will considerably exceed them.”

Yes, the caliber wars have been on-going for a long time and will likely continue, given regular advances in technology and ballistics.

Enjoy the article pages below or enjoy the whole issue online at American Handgunner, Jan/Feb 1980.

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