Lubing Your GLOCK in …
3, 2, 1 Easy Steps


Drop your magazine and eject your chambered round before starting anything.
Check, re-check and check your gun again by racking your slide several times,
making sure your gun is clear!

Fieldstrip your GLOCK into its basic components. Place your components Slide,
Barrel and Frame (left to right). We do this because this is how we do the 3, 2, 1
method of oiling. The slide gets 3 drops, the barrel gets 2 drops, and your frame gets 1 drop of oil.

Since GLOCKs are arguably the most popular striker-fired, polymer-framed pistol used by law enforcement and private citizen alike, I thought it would be useful to demonstrate how to oil your GLOCK, as recommended by GLOCK. As with most things, too much of a good thing is actually detrimental to the intended purpose.

Too much oil is worse than not enough. Excess oil mixes with unburnt powder, dust, dirt and other demons, making a thick slurry, eventually hardening, to the point making your gun inoperable. This is true of all guns, not just GLOCKs. Six drops of oil are all it takes in a basic 3, 2, 1 sequence.

Your slide rails get 1 drop each. Place each drop on the breech end of the slide in the rail groove.

The next drop goes under the hood, near the front sight.

How Often?

GLOCK recommends oiling your pistol when first breaking it out of the box, after each firing, or once a month. After field-stripping your gun, the three components that need oiling are the slide, barrel and grip frame. This is where the “3, 2, 1” drops of oil come into play.

Using your pinkie, spread the oil drop along the hood and
where the barrel rides along the slide.

Now stand your slide up, muzzle down, so the 2 drops we applied
to the rails can run the length of the rails.

Now comes the barrel. Two drops will do. The first goes on the barrel lugs.


Put one drop at the top (breech end) of each slide rail groove and one drop inside the slide, just before the front sight. Now stand your slide muzzle end down, allowing the oil to run the length of the slide.

The next drop goes on top of the barrel, near the muzzle. Spread
it out with your finger. This is where the barrel makes contact with the slide.

Lastly, we do the frame. One drop is all we need. It goes under
the connecter, the little hook, or upside down “J”.


The barrel gets two drops of oil. The first goes between the lugs, at the pivot point. The second drop goes on top of the barrel, near the muzzle where it makes contact with the slide.

Wipe your guide rod / recoil spring assembly down for bonus points.

Lube Job Complete

That’s all there is to it. You can earn bonus points for wiping down your recoil spring with an oily rag. Reassemble your gun and wipe it down with your shop rag. Wasn’t that easy?

Just remember, 3,2,1 is all it takes to lube your GLOCK.

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