Zeta6 Offers New J-Frame Speedloader


The Zeta6 J-PAK speedloader is designed for easily loading J-frame revolvers.

If you carry a gun, you should also carry additional ammunition. In the case of revolvers, that usually means moonclips or speedloaders. However, there are different types of speed loaders for specific purposes, revolver models, sizes and calibers.

Similar, but different, moonclips and round speedloaders present rounds in an orientation that matches a revolver’s cylinder, allowing ammo to be loaded simultaneously. Speed strips, on the other hand, traditionally present rounds in a linear configuration, requiring shooters to rotate their cylinder as they load one or two rounds at a time until fully loaded. New from Zeta6, the J-PAK attempts to offer benefits of both.

Designed for various J-frame revolvers — including the Ruger SP101, Smith & Wesson 642 and Taurus 605 — the Zeta6 J-PAK is a unique 5-round speedloader made from a durable and flexible polyurethane material. A trapezoid shape featuring six sockets for 3-2 loading of five rounds, the J-PAK can be configured for left- and right-hand use by simply flipping how it’s loaded.

Ambidextrous, the Zeta6 J-PAK can be configured for left- and right-handed loading.

Not only does the J-PAK’s design allow it to be used by all shooters, but it allows a cylinder to be loaded in just two movements compared to three, or more, with speed strips. The J-PAK also allows individual rounds to be loaded to “top off” a revolver while moonclips and round speedloaders require a completely empty cylinder. These may be small benefits, but for a product intended for everyday carry, every second counts in a self-defense scenario.

Weighing 0.63 oz., the Zeta6 J-PAK is sold in packs of two for $11.95. Zeta6 also offers speedloaders for 6-round K-frames, as well as others for J-frame revolvers.

For more info: zetasix.com