Here’s what you get with every order. Allen wrenches, C-clip fasteners,
HP pins and mold lube, all sent to you.

Here’s a 4-cavity assembled with two HP pins and two solid pins for variety.

World’s Best HP Mold?

For you fellow lead-heads who find nothing finer than casting and shooting your own bullets, especially of the hollow-point (HP) persuasion, let me let you in on a little secret. For the past 10 years or so an industrious gentleman from Slovenia has answered our call for the perfect bullet molds, making casting HP bullets a snap.

Welcome to His name is Mihec Previc and as I mentioned, he resides in Slovenia. He’s a lifelong shooter and worked for years in the plastics molding industry. Mixing his love of shooting with his profession of making molds for plastics, he combined the two; producing some of the best molds I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

Look at those wonderful vent lines. You won’t have any voids in your cast bullets with these functional lines.

After cutting the sprue, you’ll flip your mold over like this.

Website Wonder

Miha started this part-time venture by advertising on a popular cast bullet forum on the World Wide Web. When a specific bullet design had a minimal number of orders, usually 10-15, he would tool up, and start making the molds.

Lets just say things really picked up over a short period of time. Miha quit his day job and now makes bullet molds full-time, while employing a few helpers. He keeps a huge supply of molds in stock in his E-store for easy, convenient ordering.

Open the mold halves and get ready to tap the HP pin arms to push them out so you can release the bullets.

When pins are out, the bullets should drop. If not, a small tap will drop them.

Past Experience

I’ve got MP-Molds in calibers ranging from .32 all the way up to the big .50’s. Miha offers traditionally styled Lyman, RCBS, LEE, Saeco, LBT and anything else there is. If it’s a new style, a group buy may be necessary, but with all the enthusiastic casters out there, it won’t be hard.

I really appreciate Miha keeping the classics alive in these state of the art molds, along with the newer LBT style bullet molds, keeping everyone happy. Casting with his molds are a dream, especially in HP configuration.

Here’s a Miha .477 HP bullet in all its expanded glory after being fired from
a Ruger Bisley .480 Ruger. It “don’t” get much better than that!


Miha offers his molds in brass and aluminum. Cavities come in 2, 4, 6 and 8 for some styles, but not all. Choices of solids and HP are available. His HP molds are a snap to use. They’re just a tad slower than casting with a regular solid style mold, and about 10 times faster than using a Lyman single-cavity HP mold.

Miha uses a Cramer style HP style. This entails HP pins drilled into the sides of the mold, supporting the actual HP pin. You cast normally, waiting for your sprue puddle to solidify. Once solid, you tap the sprue-plate, cutting the sprue, then flip the mold over. Now tap the HP pin arms, extending the cast HP bullet out of the cavity. The bullets should just “plop” out, or may need a slight tap to unseat them from the pin.

Slowly close the mold, letting the HP pin reset itself back in the cavity of the mold and repeat. It’s that simple and fast.

Using Miha’s 8-cavity mold is a dream when casting for high-capacity shooters such as the 9mm. Just think, 8 bullets — every cycle! It doesn’t take long to empty the pot, or have a heaping pile of bullets with this octo-wonder of a mold.

Here’s a smidge of bullets I’ve cast using Miha molds. Versatility is nice
— and attainable — when you cast your own.

Whatcha’ Get

With each order of a Miha mold, you get everything you need for trouble-free casting. He includes all the pins you’ve agreed upon, meaning small or large HP pins, a solid pin and even mold lube. There is some assembly required, entailing screwing the HP pin arms into the pins themselves. Clip fasteners are also included.

Miha uses Paypal as his form of international payment. With the current exchange rate, a typical 2-cavity HP mold usually runs around a hundred bucks and change. Believe me, it is a bargain! It usually takes 10-14 days for shipment, but it goes fast for what you’re getting.

Ordering is as simple as going to Then go to the E-store to see what calibers you want. He’s gotta bunch of them.