N.C. Ordnance

The Colt Python is more than a gun, it’s an icon. From its graceful serpentine lines to its enviable capabilities, to its utter rarity these days — and notable cost, when you locate one — it’s frankly a revered wheelgun. Heck, I’ve been a collector of Smith & Wessons my whole adult life, but a Colt Python will stop me in my tracks every time.

With Pythons out of production and guns only available on the used market today, keeping yours tuned up and looking good can take some digging. Need to replace your grips with some new ones, but want something complementing your gun perfectly? Check out N.C. Ordnance and its 2nd Generation Smiley Checkered Pattern Grips. N.C. Ordnance, based in Wilson, North Carolina, has a long tradition of making quality reproduction grips, buttplates and grip caps for more than four decades.

Available in American Black Walnut or Siamese Rosewood (shown), the grips feature excellent color and black accent lines and have correct Smiley-pattern checked raised panels. Inset in the grips are correct gold-colored Colt medallions, and a screw set is included. The Rosewood grips are model KCR252S and are priced at $245. The Walnut grips are model WC252S and are priced at $225. Same day shipping is offered and postage costs $10.

If you’re in the market to spruce up your classic Colt Python with a set of beautiful reproduction grips, then be sure to check out N.C. Ordnance’s Rosewood and Black Walnut offerings. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed. For more info: www.gungrips.com, Ph: (252) 237-2440

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