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Universal 6-Pack Quick Draw Handgun Case

The Universal 6-Pack Quick Draw Handgun Case from CaseCruzer allows LE to safely transport 6 firearms and 12 magazines. It accommodates most 7″ to 9.25″ semi-auto pistols and revolvers with up to 4″ barrels. With a molded plastic interior with rubber-cushioned trim, the case is airtight, waterproof and dustproof. For more info: (800) 440-9925,

Hammer Strut Support

HSS Corp.
The Hammer Strut Support is being offered by HSS Corp. for the Ruger MK III and II rimfire pistols. Measuring 0.65″ x 0.48″ x 0.125″ and weighing 0.01 oz., the newly patented HSS allows a hammer mainspring assembly to be easily and correctly reinstalled into the Ruger MK pistols. Just remove the pistol’s grips and install the mainspring assembly in the rear handle area. The device remains in the handle. No special tools or experience needed. For more info:

Targetize Training System

DAC Technologies
DAC Technologies’ Targetize Training System is for anyone with a rail-equipped pistol who wants an accurate aim. Mount the Targetize motion sensor on your firearm and pair it with the free app on your smart phone. The sensor will measure muzzle movement and give the user real-time feedback for immediate improvement. Developed by ex-military and special forces, the new personal firearm training system will help shooters to hone their shooting skills and gain confidence whether practicing dry fire, live fire or with a CO2 pistol. For more info: (800) 920-0098,

Eagle XLC

Iver Johnson Arms
Iver Johnson’s Eagle XLC is an 8-capacity pistol in 10mm and .45 ACP. Its frame and 1911-long slide are made from 1045 Steel while the 6″ barrel is 4140 Steel. All have a chrome satin finish. With an OAL of 9.75″ and weighing 44 oz., the Eagle XLC has an adjustable LPA-style TRT and a white dot rear sight with dovetail front sight. Other features include front- and rear-angled serrations, an extended slide stop and thumb safety, a 3-hole trigger and skeleton hammer, a beavertail grip safety with memory cut, a slightly beveled magwell and Super Walnut dual-texture grips. For more info: (321) 636-3377,

Battle Rope

Breakthrough Clean Technologies
The Battle Rope from Breakthrough Clean Technologies is designed to clean the bore of your firearm better. The bronze brush and detachable hard-bristle nylon brush provide twice the cleaning action. Its threaded brass link allows the hard-bristle nylon brush to detach quickly and the weighted brass end guides the rope through the barrel. Thicker than other leading brands, the Battle Rope completely fills the bore for a thorough cleaning. The Battle Rope is available in a wide variety of caliber widths. For more info: (888) 455-5499,

Vertical Draw Deluxe Quick-Snap Holster

MTR Custom Leather
MTR Custom Leather’s Vertical Draw Deluxe Quick-Snap (A-5V) Holster is handcrafted with double military directional steel snaps on each leather strap. It features a reinforced mouthpiece (retains the opening for easy re-holstering) and a sweat/body shield (protects user from sharp edges of the gun while also keeping it away from body oils and sweat). The A-5V conceals the full length of the firearm while carrying OWB. For more info: (336) 879-2166,

Onrush 652S

Steel Will Knives
Steel Will Knives has introduced a new tactical folder, the Onrush 652S. Featuring a black 3D machine milled G10 handle and a black PVD-finished N690Co steel blade, the knife opens quickly by using the flipper or thumb stud. It also features Steel Will’s proprietary serrations designed to provide smoother, deeper penetration for cutting thick cordage or seatbelts. The Onrush 652S has a full length of 8.86″; blade length is 3.62″. For more info: (877) 969-0909,


The Daktyl, designed by Tom Hitchcock for CRKT, is a non-traditional pocket knife. Made of 420J2 Stainless Steel with a bead blast finish, the Daktyl has a 3.05″ plain-edge blade. To open it, press the front lever with your thumb and rotate the blade outward until it fully extends and clicks into place. To close, press down on the lever to disengage then swing the blade back into the closed position. A slide lock ensures the knife remains in the close or open position. The Daktyl is ambidextrous, rotating both to the right and to the left. For more info: (503) 685-5015,

ACW Anomaly

Alchemy Custom Weaponry
The ACW Anomaly, designed by gunsmith Rob Schauland, is a Commander-size 1911 with a carbon steel construction. The 8-capacity, .45 ACP pistol has a 4.25″ match-grade barrel, a fastback style slide rear with streamline blended hammer, truncated beaver tail, traditional recoil spring and cap, and checkered wood or G10 grips. Other features include a fixed rear sight with serrated sight picture and a white dot front sight. For more info: (724) 602-4431,

Ammo Armor

Sneaky Pete
The Ammo Armor from Sneaky Pete protects spare magazines from dust and dirt so they don’t get jammed. It also keeps the ammo from being damaged. Designed and manufactured in the U.S., Ammo Armor is made of military-grade ABS plastic with a tapered opening for easy use. The compression fit ensures the magazine stays inside Ammo Armor once it’s installed. For more info:

Pistol Mask

5 Stone Products, LLC
The Pistol Mask is a concealed carry holster designed to look like a cell phone. It enables users to carry a large caliber pistol without drawing attention. Injection molded with glass-filled Noryl, the holster uses magnets to keep its panels securely closed. Spring-loaded hinges enable it to open quickly for instant access to your gun. The Pistol Mask is designed to accommodate sub-compact pistols of up to 1.05″ in width and 4.65″ in height. For more info: (512) 731-9561,

Holsters for S&W M&P 2.0 Compact

CrossBreed Holsters
Crossbreed Holsters announced it has handcrafted their popular holster models for the S&W M&P 2.0 Compact handgun. Holsters for the S&W M&P 2.0 Compact, like all other CrossBreed holsters, are built for comfort when carrying. They feature premium leather backing with custom-molded Kydex for security. The holsters work well with the M&P 2.0 Compact whether you carry IWB or OWB. For more info: (417) 732-5011,

SAINT AR-15 Pistol

Springfield Armory
The Springfield Armory SAINT AR-15 Pistol features an SB Tactical SBX-K forearm brace instead of a rifle buttstock. Ideal for CQB, the SAINT has a length of just 26.5″ and weighs under 6 lbs. It has a 7.5″ barrel with a 1:7 twist made of 416R stainless steel; the M16 bolt carrier group is of Carpenter 158 steel, both are finished in Melonite. Upper and lower receivers are forged Type III hard-coat anodized 7075 T6 aluminum. Chambered in 5.56 NATO (.223), the SAINT’s high-end features include Springfield Armory’s exclusive Accu-Tite tension system, a blast diverter equipped muzzle and a free-float handguard. The pistol carries a Magpul Gen 3, 30-round magazine. For more info: (800) 680-6866,

F8 Night Sights

XS Sights
F8 Night Sights are high-visibility personal defense sights for fast target acquisition in all light conditions. This offering from XS Sights features a figure-8, inline sight picture for easy 2-point alignment. The large, 0.160″-wide, high-contrast front sight has a photoluminescent orange ring around the tritium that increases front sight focus instantly. Ambient light absorbed by the orange ring makes it glow in low-light helping shooters find the front sight even before they see the tritium. The F8 sight is also visible in daylight. For more info: (888) 744-4880,

Border Ranger

Barranti Leather Co.
The Border Ranger holsters from Barranti Leather capture the spirit of yesteryear’s Texas rangers. With floral carving and lining, the holster shown in the picture is one of many custom models that includes the historically correct Barranti-Myres classic recreations. The museum-quality handmade holsters offer superior craftsmanship as well as authenticity. For more info: (412) 860-4804,

Zenith and Left-Turn Gripper

If you’re serious about handguns, IronMind’s Captains of Crush gripper is the quickest way to the strongest grip. Its knurled aircraft-grade aluminum handles and GR springs will strengthen your fingers so you can squeeze the trigger easily. IronMind also has other products to help improve your shooting. Zenith is a digital era gripper with sculpted, ergonomic handles and a proprietary spring. The Left-Turn Gripper — a mirror image of Captains of Crush — provides a tailored fit for lefties. For more info: (530) 272-3579,

40th Anniversary CQB Elite

Wilson Combat
To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Wilson Combat has issued a limited run of a special commemorative CQB Elite model for 2017. The all-steel model uses the latest Wilson Combat parts and innovations including forged slides, frames and barrels. Designed as carry guns, the CQB Elite also features a one-piece machined magwell, ambidextrous safety and slide top and rear serrations. The flush cut, reverse crowned barrel is deeply fluted and mates with an engraved, recessed reverse plug. Grips are handcrafted, premium desert ironwood with solid sterling silver medallions. For more info: (870) 545-3635,

Sentinel Plate

Present Arms Inc.
Present Arms’ Sentinel Plate is a cost-effective stand for displaying, cleaning and servicing firearms. It’s a simple platform using Present Arms’ universal mounting system that has a variety of interchangeable magazine posts for AR’s as well as pistols. The Sentinel Plate comes in two sizes: large for rifles and handguns, and small for handguns only. The smooth side is for display purposes while the other side has a cut pocket to prevent runaway parts when servicing a gun. The Sentinel Plate fits in a sports bag so you can bring it to the range. For more info: (413) 575-4656,

FP-10 Lubricant Elite

Shooter’s Choice
Shooter’s Choice FP-10 Lubricant Elite reduces wear in your firearm. It will eliminate most malfunctions caused by friction by increasing the lubrication between moving parts without any sticky buildup or changing tolerances. The FP-10 will prevent a firearm from breaking down even at temperatures as high as 500° F. This product is part of Shooter’s Choice Pro-Care complete gun care system to extend the life of your firearm while keeping them running smoothly and accurately. For more info: (800) 232-1991,

Flower Box

Secret Compartment Furnitures
Hide a handgun or two in the Flower Box from Secret Compartment Furniture. It can be an accent piece for your table or a place to keep remote controls, magazines, and more. The top lifts off to reveal a secret compartment. No locking mechanism is available on this item. Photo shows Flower Box in Brown Maple with Onyx stain. Overall dimensions are 16″ x 16″ x 6.5″; “the secret compartment measures 8.5″ x 8.5″ x 2.25”. For more info: (330) 403-9701,


Spyderco Inc.

Spyderco’s Sliverax has a drop-point blade made from CPM S30V stainless steel. Its lightweight, open-backed handle is made of carbon fiber/G10 laminate scales and nested stainless steel liners. With full-flat ground blades and compression locks, the Sliverax also features clips for tip-up carry and round holes for one-handed opening. For more info: (800) 525-7770,

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