NovX 9mm Ammo


NovX has released factory ammunition using cutting edge technology, which is sure to influence the defensive ammunition market. The patent pending polymer/copper blend ARX bullet is 40 percent lighter than lead, resulting in higher velocity, creating devastating terminal performance from increased fluid velocity of soft tissue targets while lessening felt recoil for the shooter.

The hybrid bullet will penetrate glass and steel but will break apart when other non-penetrable objects are struck, such as hardened steel or concrete, while traditional bullets will ricochet.

This “smart bullet” trait reduces the risk of collateral damage and over-penetration during close range encounters. The flutes on the ARX bullet make it more aerodynamic and straighter shooting while disrupting more tissue caused by the Venturi Effect.

The NovX SST NAS3 stainless steel shell casing is mechanically bonded to a primer pocket base of 7078 hardened aircraft aluminum plated with nickel. This translates to a stronger case with less weight and higher velocity due to less expansion while being self-lubricating and corrosion resistant. NovX ammo is 48 percent lighter than traditionally loaded lead/brass ammunition.

The lack of lead fouling allows firearms to cycle faster and more reliably from the clean burning traits of lead-free ammo and reduces lead exposure for the shooter.

Novx Ammo

Novx ammo

Flavors …

NovX ammo is available in four different flavors, two for self-defense and two for training/competition.
65-gr. 9mm Luger ARX Engagement: Extreme Self Defense
Velocity: 1,672 fps Energy: 358 ft.-lbs.
65-gr. 9mm Luger +P ARX Engagement: Extreme Self Defense
Velocity: 1,710 fps Energy: 422 ft.-lbs.
65-gr. 9mm Luger RNP Cross Trainer/Competition
Velocity: 1,600 fps Energy: 347 ft.-lbs.
65-gr. 9mm Luger +P RNP Cross Trainer/Competition
Velocity: 1,690 fps Energy 386 ft.-lbs.

When you combine the characteristics of NovX ammo you wind up with factory-produced ammunition, which delivers a lighter, faster bullet, producing flatter trajectories and having more power. It generates less recoil and the ARX bullet is strong enough to penetrate steel or glass, yet disintegrates on impenetrable objects while creating wound channels never before produced from a handgun.

ARX defensive ammo comes in 25-round boxes with an MSRP of $27.99 for standard and $28.99 for +P ammo.

The training/competition RNP ammo comes in boxes of 50 and is $27.99 and $28.99 respectively.

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