OTIS Pro+ Bench Block


Handy, handy, handy. The new OTIS Technology Bench Block fits pretty much every firearm you might have in your collection. Whether working on rifles, pistols or revolvers, there’s likely a cutout or support that’ll offer you an extra hand for stability of your work in progress.

The “block” (really an octagonal shape) is constructed from ultra-hard rubber, so when you’re driving out pins or moving sights, most of your striking energy is preserved. It’s also two sided, each face offering a variety of features to make your bench tasks a little bit easier. There are “V” and semi-circular cutouts to hold rounded parts like barrels or bolts and a square cutout for pistol slides. Paired with that is a hollowed-out area for driving out pistol sights. A variety of hole sizes are present on both sides to accommodate pin removal of nearly any size. There’s even an embedded magnet to hold small parts. OtisTec.com

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