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Phone Skope Target

What’s your phone have to do with a scope? Lots, actually. When I saw this at an NSSF event introducing new companies to the SHOT Show, I knew I had to show it to you. Basically, they make well designed widgets allowing you to use your smart phone to “see” through scopes, binocs, spotting scopes and even microscopes. Various holders accept your phone model (a wide range are covered), then adaptors connect the phone holder to your scope, binocs, etc.

The “Phone Skope Rifle Adaptor” is what really got my attention at first. You can hook it up to about any rifle scope (or handgun scope), clip your phone onto it and suddenly you can “see” what your scope sees. You can still shoot through the scope normally, but the side-facing phone screen allows someone to see what you’re seeing. You could also theoretically “aim” the rifle using the screen. It’s excellent for training since the trainer can see what the student is seeing, and can watch the results of the shot. It might also be helpful for disabled shooters or shooters with poor vision. The fact you can take pictures and video means you can also easily share the actual shot. A great way to see if you hit the deer — or not. The company also sells a handy blue-tooth shutter release so you can take a pic with a remote. Connect the goodies, hit the record button on the remote, then ready, aim — fire. Then review the shot.

The photo shows just a sampling of accessories, and their website has plenty of info. The target picture is one I took with my iPhone using a Leupold spotting scope and the phone adaptor. That’s my steel plate at 110 yards on a cloudy, rainy day. Cost for the rifle adaptor is $175, phone holders are in the $50 range and the adaptors to get to the optic you have are around $30. For more info:, Ph: (800) 790-4480

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